Personal Donor Stories

We thank all our planned-gift donors for their generous support. Here are some of their stories.



Molly W. Hayes ’93
Doing Well at Doing Good

“At Exeter, the notion that I was playing an integral part in my own education, as was everyone sitting around the Harkness table with me, became deeply ingrained. There was also the Exonian mantra, which we heard so often at Assembly and which is woven deeply into the fabric and history of the school, that with the privilege of an Exeter education comes the responsibility to help others. These concepts have spilled over into other areas of my life, even to this day.” They are, in fact, the main reasons why Molly recently decided to make the Academy the beneficiary of her employer-sponsored life insurance policy.

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Ted Shen ’62
Witnessing, and Contributing to, an Exeter Transformation

Recently, to celebrate the school to whose metamorphosis he has been both witness and contributor, Ted has established at the Academy a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT), which will count as part of his campaign gift to The Exeter Initiatives. “My first priority, of course, has been my cash pledge to the campaign,” says Ted. “But this additional planned gift serves as an effective complement. I transferred assets to Exeter that I wouldn’t need to retain in my final estate and that, had I held onto them, would have been subject to a 58 percent estate tax.

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Lynn and Tom Trowbridge ’56; P’86, P’88
Securing Their Income and the Academy’s Excellence

“The first step I took in my own planned giving was to name Exeter in my will. It was logical and relatively easy. Then a few years ago, I contributed to the Lewis Perry Pooled Income Fund. The returns we have experienced have been competitive with fixed-income investments any investor would expect in a diversified portfolio.” Most recently Tom set up a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) with appreciated securities. “For classmates of our age, the returns provided from a CGA make more and more sense. In my case, this arrangement also allowed me to make a larger reunion gift to Exeter than otherwise would have been possible.

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Lee C. Bradley '43
Class of 1943 Teaching Chair

Lee, a vastly talented student who received the Prize for General Excellence in his senior year at the Academy, passed away in March 2001, but his legacy will live on at Exeter through an extremely generous bequest.

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Henry Burkhardt III '61
Provides for the Burkhardt Instructorship in Mathematics

Through his estate planning, Henry has executed a gift that will support the Academy’s intellectual meritocracy. A charitable remainder unitrust will provide Henry’s widow, Ruth, with income during her lifetime, then the principal will establish the Henry Burkhardt III Instructorship in Mathematics at PEA.

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Farrell W. Bushing Jr. '47
Supports John and Elizabeth Phillips Fellowships

A portion of Farrell's lead trust is designated to current use to support the John and Elizabeth Phillips Fellowships and a portion is added to the Endowment so that the John and Elizabeth Fellowships are maintained in perpetuity.

"I always wanted to have one charity where I thought I could make a difference," says Farrell Bushing Jr. '47. "More important, I wanted it to be Exeter, since the Academy was a watershed experience in my life."

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Alfred H. Hayes '25
Alfred H. Hayes '25 Teaching Chair in Science

Bequest from Alfred H. Hayes ’25 Creates Teaching Chair in Science... remembers Exeter as “the single best thing my parents ever did for me.” He remembers his father’s loyalty to the school as well.

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Jack R. Howard ’28
H. Hamilton Bissell Scholarship Fund

Jack's bequest supports scholarships. "I need only to look around me to see that the Exeter community continues to thrive.... Nostalgia because the years I spent at the Academy were textured with the bittersweet trials of leaving something old and familiar, and going on to something new and unknown... What truly delights me is the knowledge that as the world changes, so too will the Academy... but not at the expense of the principles and traditions that have made Phillips Exeter the most distinguished school of its kind in America."

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Mark D. Kaplanoff ’66
Bequest to support Academy Library

Mark’s passion for the world of academia will live on through the generous bequest he made to Exeter. His gift will be used to support the Academy’s reference librarian position and the acquisition of electronic databases for the Academy Library. In honor of his benefaction, the periodicals room on the Library’s ground floor was named “The Kaplanoff Room.” Academy Librarian Jacquelyn Thomas says Mark’s gift will enhance the Academy Library’s place as the foremost secondary school library in the world...

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Chester Patterson ’43
Supports the endowment

Chester recently established a single life gift annuity that will provide him with the certainty of a fixed income for the remainder of his life, and culminate in a generous gift to the Exeter endowment, a gift most welcome in uncertain times.

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Claire Phillips WI'30
Class of 1951 Faculty Fund

Claire Phillips’ favorite birthday present will someday be a gift to Exeter. By making a real estate bequest, Claire will continue to own and enjoy Southwinds [her secluded vacation home] for the rest of her life...

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David Weir '59
Creates Morrison Scholarship

In honor of his family legacy, David has established a charitable remainder unitrust at the Academy that will one day create the Morison Scholarship to provide the same opportunities to talented students of today. Through the unitrust, David will be able to achieve his philanthropic goals for Exeter while retaining a life income for himself.

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