Molly W. Hayes ’93

Doing Well at Doing Good

“My father, who is also a graduate of the Academy, once told me that Exeter follows you like stardust,” says Molly W. Hayes ’93. “And I’ve really found that to be true. Wherever I’ve lived, especially here in the Bay Area of California, I always seem to encounter Academy alumni/ae, and the connection I feel to them, no matter what their ages might be, is surprisingly powerful.”

For Molly, this sense of being part of a network, of something bigger than herself, is what makes Exeter so special. “At Exeter, the notion that I was playing an integral part in my own education, as was everyone sitting around the Harkness table with me, became deeply ingrained. There was also the Exonian mantra, which we heard so often at Assembly and which is woven deeply into the fabric and history of the school, that with the privilege of an Exeter education comes the responsibility to help others. These concepts have spilled over into other areas of my life, even to this day.” They are, in fact, the main reasons why Molly recently decided to make the Academy the beneficiary of her employer-sponsored life insurance policy. “It was such an easy thing to do,” says Molly, of including Exeter in her planned giving strategy. “I saw it as a way of giving back so that future students could have their own Exeter experiences. It’s also a way to prime oneself for the concept of ‘doing well and doing good.’ ”